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We are currently researching energy intake, energy expenditure, and body composition. This study involves three study visits at Don Chisholm Center and one study visit at the University of Kansas Medical Center. We are looking for adolescent males who: are between the ages of 14 and 18 years old, have a stable weight over the last three months, and are physically healthy for exercise. Visit our website, or contact Kelli Snow and the Energy Balance study team by emailing or calling 816-234-9322, if you are interested in participating.

Our Work

The Bruce Neuroscience Cooperative includes experts from varying backgrounds including clinical psychology, cognitive neuroscience, economics, engineering, behavioral neuroscience, and neuropsychology. Using tools like functional magnetic resonance imaging, eye-tracking, experimental economics, traditional behavioral paradigms, and neuropsychological assessment, we aim to elucidate the process of human decision-making. While this is a daunting task, we focus on several specific aspects of the process of choice.

Health Decisions

Sustenance is one of our most basic needs. As you will read, many of our recent contributions are related to appetite, neurofunctional responses to food stimuli, and the neuroscience of food choices. 

Financial Decisions

Life in the developed world requires efficient, often fast decisions about what we want, when we want it, and how we will get it. An easy way to operationalize choice is through price decisions. In close collaboration with expert economists, we have used functional neuroimaging to better understand consumer decisions about food products. 

Social Decisions

How we make a decision for our own life may differ drastically from what we would choose for someone we love. We are beginning to explore these differences using self vs. other choice paradigms. 

Now or Later?

As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Bruce is dedicated to helping a person not only understand how s/he makes decisions, but whether that process is effective in achieving his/her goals. Delaying gratification (regardless of commodity) is an important skill, but why are there such vast individual differences in this ability? Why are some people impulsive while others able to wait years to accomplish a long-term goal? Scholars have discussed and debated these questions for years. Yet only recently do we have the ability to peer inside the decision-making process using advancing brain science. We know that if a person has cognitive control, self-regulation, and the ability to wait for a larger, more desirable outcome, this bodes well. Can we help those who lack these abilities to improve goal-directed thinking, improve emotional regulation, and achieve long-term goals? 

Our Partners

Our work would not be possible without the generous sponsorship and support of our partners.






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